Health & Wellness

A Lifetime of Healthy Habits are Made at the Y

Kids become physically stronger, have more endurance, and experience a sense of joy and fun through play by participating in YMCA Youth Fitness and Wellness Programs. They establish meaningful relationships and a supportive community of friends, which encourages a sustained commitment to health and fosters a sense of achievement and heightened self-confidence. Kids in YMCA Youth Fitness and Wellness Programs are in charge of their own physical fitness and well-being, and they know how to make healthy choices that last throughout a lifetime.

Our Health & Wellness programs change seasonally.
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We offer a wide variety of programs to help youth and teens stay fit and active, like: Teen Sports and Strength Conditioning, Teen TRX, Teen Weight Lifting, Tater Tot to 5k Road Race Training and much more.

FITastic, Grades 5-8

This personalized 8 week healthy lifestyle program, developed in collaboration with Addison Gilbert and Beverly Hospitals and Beverly Hospital at Danvers, focuses on increasing physical activity and good nutritional practices to establish and maintain healthy weight. A personal coach guides each participant to achieve healthy lifestyle goals. This 8 week program with flexible scheduling options is ongoing and can begin at anytime. A YMCA membership is included when participating in this program.