Sports & Recreation

Teamwork, Confidence and Fun!

The Y nurtures the potential of children through sports by strengthening character in our youth, engaging families, and building lasting relationships. Youth learn new skills, make new friends, develop essential character traits, and set individual and team goals. This improves self-confidence, promotes diversity, increases self-esteem, and improves physical condition.

Our Sports and Recreation programs change seasonally.
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We offer a variety of youth sports and recreational opportunities throughout the year including soccer, basketball, t-ball, floor hockey, tennis, kung-fu, karate and more. We also offer seasonal sports leagues for children. 

Preschool Sports and Recreation (Ages 0-6)

Young children learn the basics of sports in parent/child classes. They focus on the gross and fine motor skills it takes for children to begin sports. Most importantly, they will learn to have positive interactions with children their age. As the child ages and becomes more self confident, they learn new skills and games like new games like t-ball, tennis, football and basketball.

Youth Sports and Recreation (Grades K and up)

Our youth classes continue to teach the skills and rules of sports to older children. Sport specific classes are offered on a rotating schedule each session, but include t-ball, karate, tennis, basketball, football and floor hockey.

Preschool and Youth Sports Leagues

Our leagues allow children to learn the basics of sports in a team atmosphere. We focus on skill development, teamwork and fair play. Leagues rotate throughout the year.
  • Fall - Soccer/Flag Football
  • Winter - Basketball/Floor Hockey
  • Spring - Tee Ball
For more information on Sports programming please contact: Garrett Coler,