Disease Prevention Programs

The YMCA offers programs that are specifically targeted to help those with chronic diseases, both to help alleviate symptoms and to aid in recovery. From obesity and heart disease to cancer and Parkinsons, the Y is here to better the health of our entire community.


Diabetes Prevention Program (Ages 18 and up)

This innovative lifestyle modification program will enable adults with pre-diabetes to make lifestyle changes that will improve overall health and reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Learn more »

Lynch/van Otterloo, Greater Beverly & Haverhill YMCAs
Free for members and community

The Y and the LIVESTRONG® Foundation joined together to create LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, a physical activity and well-being program designed to help adult cancer survivors achieve their holistic health goals. Participants work with Y staff trained in supportive cancer care to safely achieve their goals such as building muscle mass and strength; increasing flexibility and endurance; and improving confidence and self-esteem. By focusing on the whole person and not the disease. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is helping people move beyond cancer in spirit, mind and body. The program includes: Free 12-week adult Y membership; Two free 75 minute classes per week; Full access to the Y seven days a week. Some requirements for participation apply. It is limited to 12 participants and you will need to go through an intake process before they are approved for the class. Learn more »

Fit-astic Kids: Free for members and community
Ages 10-14

(Childhood Obesity)
A personalized 8 week healthy lifestyle program, developed in collaboration with Addison Gilbert Hospital, Beverly Hospital and Beverly Hospital at Danvers, focused on increasing physical activity and good family nutrition practices to establish and maintain a healthy weight. A Certified Personal Trainer guides each participant as they set and achieve healthy lifestyle goals. This 8 week program with flexible scheduling options can begin at anytime. An 8 week Y membership is included when participating in this program.


Ipswich Family

Tufts Strong Men & Women Program (Ages 40 and up)
Tuesdays 11am, Free for members
(Obesity, Arthritis, Heart Disease)

This is a class for those who have been relatively sedentary or inactive for the past few years and are interested in improving their health, vitality and well-being.

Lynch/van Otterloo

Parkinson's Wellness Recovery Training
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:30am, Free to members as a drop-in class
(Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis)

This program is great for anyone with Parkinson’s or Mutiple Sclerosis, or for anyone who knows of someone affected by these diseases. Led by Gail Perry Borden, PWR! Fitness Professional and Parkinsonian, the class focuses on researched based exercise specifically for Parkinson’s that is neuroplasticity principled, and holds promise to slow disease progression, restore motor function, increase longevity & quality of life.


Cardio Care 
Tues/Thur from 7:00am-8:30am, Free for members
(Heart Disease)

A class for people who have had a heart attack or other cardiac problems.  Work out both in a group and individually on various aerobics equipment.  Chart your program to ensure safety.  Participants must have completed a cardiac rehabilitation program and/or have a note from a physician.  Blood pressure will be taken weekly.

(Heart Disease, Osteoperosis)

A 1-hour class geared toward older adults. It combines the three key components of fitness: strength training, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning. It's open to all, members and community, for free.