Swimming Lessons & Teams

In Y Swimming Lessons, participants learn and practice new swimming skills and feel a sense of achievement from mastering something new. Good swimming skills are also important in order to be safe around the water. While participating in fun water sports and games, children also increase their physical activity levels.

Participants in Y Swim Lesson are connected to others in the class, make new friends and recognize new role models.  The participants are more comfortable and secure around water, as they learn water safety and improve their swim skills. 

  • Swimming lessons are offered at each of our Ys. Search for programs online »
  • Our Y offers the only Infant Swimming Resource’s Self-Rescue™ program in our area. ISR goes beyond traditional swimming instruction by teaching children self-rescue techniques designed to help them survive an accidental fall into the water. Children learn developmentally appropriate skills like holding their breath under water, turning on their back and floating unassisted this dynamic, world renowned program. Learn more »

  • We are home to one of the largest YMCA swim team in the country, the North Shore Sharks Swim Team. This championship team consistently sends swimmers to local, regional and national YMCA and United States Swimming Championships. The team consists of boys and girls from age 6-18. Learn more about Swim Team »
  • We are also home to the Championship North Shore Selkies Synchronized Swim Team, offered for children ages 6-18. Learn more »