“My child is a new participant or starting after the session has begun.  Will this be disruptive to those children who are already in the program or will my child be behind?” Absolutely not.  The way our monthly academies and progressive programs work, children are grouped by and taught to their ability.  Program participants are used to seeing new faces, and program staff will welcome them warmly.

“Are all of your programs running on Monthly Draft?” ​
No. Programs are offered as either monthly draft or seasonal.  Sports leagues and Fitness classes are an example of programs that will run seasonally.  We will be sure to keep you up to date through our member communications and website as new programming is added on a seasonal basis.

“It seems like a big financial commitment.”  
You’ll be happy to know monthly payments will be smaller and easier than paying upfront.  Don’t worry if you see the full sum in Activenet, our registration software, you can be rest assured you are paying on a month to month basis.  We also offer Financial Assistance.

“Do I have to pay before each class?”
No.  The way our payment structure for monthly classes works is you pay a per class fee which is drafted at a blended monthly rate.  This way, if you start a new class midway through a month, you are only paying for the number of weeks you or your child will be attending class. This makes signing up more convenient for you!

“How will my child’s skills progress without changing levels?”​
Your child will progress and build new skills each week – no need to change your lesson day or time! Our instructors will continually challenge and support his/her progress throughout the year. There will also be “Achievement Check-­ins”:

● Instructors will check in with you monthly or bi­monthly (varies depending on the program) to discuss your child’s progress and celebrate their newly mastered skills and achievements.
● In some cases, your child might be ready to move to a new class or program
● Together with your child’s instructor, the best next steps will be discussed

“Can my child switch programs part way through the year?”
Sure! We know sometimes children like to “try” classes to find the one that they love.  In some cases, it may be time to move to something new. We are always happy to accommodate transfers as long as there is availability in the program you are transferring to.  Just fill out a program transfer form at the Welcome Center.

“What happens if I don’t want to do a full year?”​  
Our programs are set­up for convenience and focused on achievement.  We have set check-in points where you and your child can assess if you are ready to move onto a new program or level.  Also, you're free to withdraw from the program if the need arrives. You can attend for the length of time that works for you, two months or ten. (You will need to provide written notice by the 15th of the month to not be drafted in the coming month.  For example, if you cancel by December 15th you will not be drafted for Jan 1st.) You can fill out a withdrawal request form right at the Welcome Center.

“Are there refunds if I miss a class?”​
Only under certain circumstances. Remember, we’re planning for and staffing for you or your child to be present regardless of whether or not you attend! Refund requests may be granted in the case of extenuating circumstances provided they are submitted with proper documentation (e.g. medical).  

“Do I have my choice of automatic payment dates?”​
For simplicity and to ensure that we’re providing the best possible customer service, all monthly drafting programs are set to charge on the 1st of the month.  You are charged a per class fee which is drafted monthly, so you can easily start a new program at any time!

“What if I want to change credit cards mid­year?” ​
Easy! You can edit your payment details any time – either from home or at the Welcome Center. To edit credit card info from home, just log into your account at, click on My Account, and select Change Billing Information.  If you already have an account but forgot your password, don’t create another account, contact us and we will get you what you need to log in.