At the Y, we’re here for people. This means that we’re working hard to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and doing the best for our members, employees, and community.

Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, thank you for your patience. It’s been a complicated moment for everyone, and we appreciate you bearing with us. COVID-19 is a quickly evolving situation and we're working as quickly as possible to meet the needs of our members, employees, and community. Here is the most up to date information we have.

What can I do with my membership while the facilities are closed?

We are excited to let you know we are working on a number of virtual options to not only keep you healthy and engaged from home but also to provide any households with children fun activities to do by themselves and with their parents.  Click here for the latest!

Will Monthly Membership Fee still be charged? 

Your membership dollars are more than fees to use our centers, they symbolize your support of the Y and its commitment to the community. We need all hands on deck and we need your support. By allowing your membership to continue in this time of trouble, you will be a Sustaining Member, and your membership has never mattered more.  Members of our Y are the ones allowing us to carry on a legacy that stretches back over 160 years of community service in a time of need.

If you are able and choose to support your Y, during this time, your membership dollars will be considered charitable donations and allow us the resources to meet whatever needs arise in our community in the weeks ahead. You do not have to take any action to make this gift. When the Y reopens, you will receive a tax letter indicating the amount you donated. If you need help, please let us know. If you are able, please continue to support us over the next couple of months so that we can keep supporting our communities.  Membership dues have been the lifeblood of our mission since before Ys had facilities.

We understand if you are facing a difficult or unstable financial situation. Please reach out to your local membership director, who will be happy to share a variety of options with you, including putting your membership on hold.

How can I get a credit for a canceled program or class?

During this time, your program draft can be considered a charitable donation allowing us the resources to meet whatever needs arise in our community in the weeks ahead. Given these extenuating circumstances, these classes will not be available for make-up. If you do not want to continue to draft and would like to put your account on hold, you will need to connect with the membership director at your local Y listed below.

Who are you providing care for and what are you doing to prevent the spread of germs and support social distancing in child care?

Currently we are focusing on providing essential child care services to families that need it most, including healthcare workers and first responders. We closed our child care facilities for two days to implement the following practices which are to enhance our already stringent cleaning policies:

  • We thoroughly cleaned and wiped down all surfaces in our educational spaces the children will be using to ensure they and our staff are arriving at a safe location. 
  • We removed any toys or objects that have porous surfaces and can’t be effectively wiped down.
  • We set up our spaces with an eye to social distance protocols. We looked to create 6’ spaces between children and spread programs out so they are not in large groups.
  • We finalized a health survey that all staff and participants will be asked to complete each day upon arrival. That survey will include confirming that neither the individual present nor their family are displaying any of the following symptoms:
    • A persistent cough
    • A fever of 100.4 degrees or over
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 
  • We trained our staff on social distancing procedures to create a safe environment.
  • We planned a curriculum for the program that teaches, explains and reinforces social distancing and how to have good hygiene to reduce disease transmission. Giving kids knowledge and control over their world makes them more confident facing new challenges.

Will my child care payment be refunded to me if I choose not to send my child for care?

We have relaxed our tuition policies and will offer any family the ability to apply their tuition to either future weeks payments, camp payments, YMCA program credits or request a suspension for the 2 week duration of the current public school closure.  If you wish to take advantage of that opportunity please contact

How are you suppporting the community? 

Our Y team has been focused on transitioning our Y’s work to focus on delivering and supporting vital services related to the COVID-19 emergency. These services include:

  • Emergency Child Care:  We were chosen by the State to provide four emergency childcare centers in three communities serving over 160 children of those serving on the front line.
  • Food Distribution to Those in Need: We stand beside local schools and food pantries lending our hands to ensure children and families are fed and stay healthy.  This includes over 500 of our own residents living in YMCA affordable housing.
  • Partnering with Action Inc. in Gloucester to provide temporary shelter at our Cape Ann Y to support for 30 homeless adults so they can remain socially and physically isolated.   
  • Virtual Exercise & Activities: We know you crave normalcy and miss the faces you see at the Y every day.  We are keeping you connected to our Y and your Y friends in the community through virtual programs and content.  Many of you have already taken advantage of your exclusive member-only content and we look forward to sharing more with you each day.
  • Staying connected with children and families:  We are contracted by the state and are deeply committed to supporting and protecting over 600 at-risk children whom we continue to call and check in on often.     
  • Daily Inspiration for a Healthy Mind and Body:  We will continue to offer daily inspirational messages and activities that include actions you can take to cope during this time on our social media platforms.
  • Supporting our Valued Staff:  Our staff is community members too, which is why we have focused on determining the best way to support our staff, for most of whom there are simply no hours of work available until we can open our doors once more. We have established an Employee Relief Fund.