COVID-19 Response Fund

The world, our communities, our families, and our Y have faced significant challenges over the past months. These times are unlike any of us have seen before. 

Because of donors like you, donors who know our Y is much more than just a fitness center or a pool, we are able to play a vital leadership role in the welfare of our communities. In community, we find strength.

  • Providing daily childcare for nearly 500 children of whom 45% receive some level of financial assistance.
  • Offering daily essential in-person support to over 800 school-age children, of whom one-third receive some level of financial assistance, as they and their families navigate remote and hybrid learning models of whom 
  • Serving and staying connected to over at-risk 600 children and 500 residents attending Y programs or living in Y affordable housing. 
  • Collaborating with community organizations like the American Red Cross, food pantries, and local schools for critical services.
  • Connecting our members with each other through safe in-person and virtual individual and family program offerings.

We need your help. The current pandemic has changed our world, but not our Y's unwavering mission to serve the community where it is needed most. 

Please donate below to help us today and long into the future. Your gift ensures that once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, the Y will continue to provide life-changing and life-saving programs, services, and community to our neighbors in need. 

For information, please contact Jane Stark, Chief Development Officer,