Cape Ann Childcare



The Byrnes Family Early Education Center

INFANT PROGRAMS (6 Weeks to 15 Months)
Enjoy a wholesome environment where your child will begin to discover the world around them. With low child-to-staff ratios, the staff creates individualized schedules to meet each child’s needs, and parents receive daily communication from teachers, ensuring everyone stays on the same page when it comes to their care.
Contact: Cyndi Marchand​ 978-697-7103 

TODDLER PROGRAMS (15 Months to 2.9 Years) 
With guidance throughout the day as they navigate social situations, children investigate cause and effect relationships and build on essential early language and motor skills. Daily routines give children the opportunity to develop a sense of security, confidence, and willingness to engage in the environment and with their peers.
Contact: Cyndi Marchand​ 978-697-7103 

PRESCHOOL & PRE-K ( 3 & 4 Years)
Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten programs provide a safe, nurturing environment in which children can learn to communicate, cooperate and care about each other. Our low staff-to-child ratios give your preschooler one-on-one interaction with teachers. When your child takes part in our Preschool or Kindergarten Readiness program, they will have a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our robust curriculum in our Pre-K program prepares children to become independent learners and develop self-confidence for sharing in a classroom setting.
Contact: Cyndi Marchand​ 978-697-7103 

AFTER SCHOOL (Elementary to Middle School) 
We offer quality, affordable licensed care in Gloucester and Rockport where kids learn values and skills taught by caring adults. We offer a variety of clubs too, to engage every child's interest: Lego, Drama, Clay Animation, No-Cook Cooking, Fit Club, and many more. 
Holidays, school vacations and half days.
Contact: Brendan McEvoy  978-559-3006

After School Care Locations:
East Gloucester Elementary
Beeman Elementary
West Parish Elementary 
Veterans Elementary
Plum Cove Elementary
Rockport Elementary