Become a Corner Stone Today

Become a Corner Stone Today!

Our Y welcomes all to more than just our facilities - we welcome all to OPPORTUNITIES like support and special programs for individuals and their families living with a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer is overwhelming. The Corner Stone program is providing a “village” for so many in your community who are in need of a support system as they cope with everyday life.

In our first year of the Corner Stone program...

  • We enrolled over 2,000 patients and families 
  • Participants have used our facilities, free of charge, over 26,000 times
  • 139 participants used Kids Club babysitting to attend medical appointments
  • 95 children enjoyed a free, summer of adventure and fun at summer camp
  • 62 participants connected in non-clinical meet-ups

How can you help? This program is not possible without the generosity of our donors. Help us grow the “village” for cancer patients in your community by making a donation today. Thank you in advance for your support, it means a lot!