Ultimate Ninja Obstacle Course

Ultimate Ninja Obstacle Course, Unlimited Fun!


Ninja Training Classes - Located at the Plaistow Community YMCA. 

Our Ninja Training Program provides participants of all ages with ninja skills instruction in a safe and fun environment. This program focuses on further developing strength, flexibility, speed, and confidence through exercise, progressive skills lessons, games, and awesome obstacle course challenges. Weeknight and Weekend Classes Available. For more information, contact Eric Michitson michitsone@northshoreymca.org.


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Pre-school Ninja Training: Ages 4 through Kindergarten
Youth Ninja Training Level 1: Ages 6 through 10
Youth Ninja Training Level 2: Ages 10 through 14
Teen and Adult Ninja Training: Ages 15+

Battlefield Nerf, Thursdays at 5:00 pm - Get ready for an intense hour of fun-filled, sweat-inducing action in our Battlefield NERF program.  Our friendly staff will lead kids through different NERF tag games including Crawl-of-Duty, Traitor, Humans vs Zombies and so much more.  Protective eyewear and NERF N-Strike toys required, limited loaners available upon request. Located at the Plaistow Community YMCA.  

Family Membership Ninja Class - (FREE for those with Family Memberships)

This fall the Plaistow Community YMCA is offering those with YMCA Family Memberships the opportunity to enroll in our Family Membership Ninja Classes for FREE! A Ninja instructor will lead stretches, and provide skills lessons, and offer plenty of time on the course for families to practice their ninja skills. Classes will be offered multiple times each week and registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information and to reserve a spot*, please go to www.northshoreymca.org and go to the SCHEDULES tab.   

Homeschool P.E., Fridays from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm -  Our Homeschool P.E. Program is all about getting your sweat on through fun active games, sports, and Ninja Obstacle Course instruction. That’s right, I said Ninja! 

Our friendly staff team will lead fun activities that help participants develop strength, functional skills, agility, body awareness, balance & coordination, and flexibility. Additional benefits include courage, confidence, character, focus, and determination. Located at the Plaistow Community YMCA.