Water Fitness

Our pools are more than just to swim in…

…they are Liquid Gyms. Water fitness isn’t just aqua aerobics anymore! Our Ys are some of the only facilities in the country to offer not only high quality, high intensity workouts in the pool, but specialty equipment including Water Treadmills, Water Bikes, Aqua Poles (think TRX in the water!) and Glide Fit floating fitness mats. Plus, you can wear your bathing suit, or your fitness clothes! Whatever you are most comfortable in.

Benefits of getting in the water and working out

  • Low Impact. The upward force called “buoyancy” helps to take pressure off of the joints.
  • Whole Body Conditioning. Water provides built-in resistance allowing for more intense workouts.
  • Less Injury Concern. Working out in water is known for its rehabilitation properties.
  • Good for cardiovascular health. Just being in the water is known to reduce high blood pressure and puts less strain on the heart.
  • Greater range of motion. The impact of gravity is less in the water allowing for an increased range of motion than on land.
Fitness Schedule

Liquid Gym Equipment

  • Glidefit – Beverly YMCA
  • Aquapoles – Ipswich YMCA
  • Aqua treadmills – Cape Ann YMCA
  • Aquabikes – Cape Ann YMCA
  • AquaStrength System – Lynch Van Otterloo YMCA
  • Aqua Trampolines – Beverly YMCA


“I love attending Aqua fit on Wednesday with Aengus and Aqua Zumba on Friday with Alena. Both of these instructors are fantastic. The classes are challenging and lots of fun.”