Membership Refunds and Cancellation Policy


We would hate to see you go, however if you choose to cancel your membership you must notify the YMCA in writing at least 2 weeks prior to your draft date of cancellation.

Membership refunds are only permitted when there are extenuating circumstances that limited you from notifying the YMCA of your cancellation. These would need to be accompanied by proper documentation (i.e. doctor’s note).

If you were incorrectly charged due to the YMCA’s failure to cancel or put the membership on hold, a full refund will be given as long as the refund is accompanied by proper documentation (i.e. hold form, cancel form, email, etc). Under these circumstances, the YMCA will not refund more than six months of membership at any given time.

In the case that you receive a scholarship through our YMCA Flexible Pricing program and you have been alerted that your rate will be expiring and have failed to provide renewal documentation, no refund will be given.

Program Refunds and Cancellation Policy

We understand that children like to try new classes to find the one that they love.  You can cancel from the program at any time prior to the start of the program. You will receive a full refund as an ActiveNet account credit to be used on another program of your choice or back to the original payment method.

After the class has begun,

  • For full pay programs: Program refunds for full pay programs are not permitted unless there are extenuating circumstances and are accompanied with proper documentation (i.e. medical). Refunds requested after the completion of a program session will not be honored.
  • For Automatic Payment Programs: Our drafting programs are flexible to meet your changing needs and schedule. You may cancel your program enrollment at any time by submitting written notification at least 2 weeks prior to your next scheduled payment date. For refunds due to medical reasons, proper documentation will be required.
  • If the YMCA cancels a class, whenever possible we will offer members the opportunity to make up that class: If a make up cannot be accommodated, a member may request a credit for that class in writing by submitting a program credit refund form.

Gymnastics Team

  • A 60 day notice is required for all cancellations
  • If there is a medical issue preventing your child from participating, a doctor’s note must be accompanied with the cancellation.
  • Aside from internal registration errors or errors upon cancellation, refunds are not allowed for gymnastics team tuition.