Make a Gift

Your Gift Creates Opportunity

“I love going to the programs at the Greater Beverly YMCA. Reading isn’t my strongest skill, but with the help of my teachers at the Y after-school program, I have improved! It is helpful to get extra practice with them and join in on group reading - I feel a lot better about my abilities. I also get to practice my drawing and I learned that I am actually pretty funny - everyone in the program laughs at my jokes. I try so many new things at the Y that challenge me. It’s a lot of fun!” - Lily, 10 years old

Hearing from our young members how YMCA programming impacts them directly illustrates why these programs are so vital to success. Building a strong community for young people early ensures that they will continue to be valued members of our Y and larger communities as they learn, grow, and thrive. 

Will you join us in giving all our young members this opportunity today? 

Your gift today will: 

  • Spark exploration and curiosity in a young child. 
  • Promote friendship & cooperation for students in our enrichment programs 
  • Encourage lifelong learning and responsibility.  
  • Provide a safe, fun, caring environment for students to learn, grow & thrive.

For information on making a non-cash gift (e.g. appreciated securities), please contact Development Team at

Thank you for your support. #StrongYStrongCommunity