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We are committed to the health and safety of all our staff and members! As you plan your visit, please be aware that we are following specific safety and sanitation protocols as required by state and local boards of health. Thank you in advance for helping keep the Y safe.
  • For our YMCAs in Beverly, Cape Ann (Gloucester), Haverhill, Ipswich, and Plaistow, NH:
    The local Boards of Health in the communities of Beverly, Gloucester, Haverhill, Ipswich, and Plaistow, NH are not requiring that our staff or members wear masks while working out or moving about our facilities, inside or outside on Y property, however we ask that those who are not fully vaccinated continue to wear a mask.   

  • For our YMCAs in Marblehead (Lynch/Van Otterloo YMCA) and Salem YMCA:
    Effective August 23, 2021 through November 13, 2021 at the direction of the Salem Board of Health masks must be worn by all staff and members when working out or moving about our facilities when inside our Salem YMCA and Lynch/van Otterloo YMCA.  Our Lynch/van Otterloo YMCA is required to follow Salem Board of Health guidelines because of the physical location of the building.

  • You will see all staff who work with children under the age of 12 wearing masks when they are indoors.
  • We also recommend in accordance with guidance by the CDC and state health officials, fully vaccinated people who have a weakened immune system or at increased risk for the disease due to age or underlying medical condition or belong to a household with someone who meets this criteria, wear a mask.  
  • PLEASE NOTE: For our Y locations that have in-house physical therapy providers, please adhere to specific mask wearing protocol in accordance with the state guidelines: "Face coverings will still be required for all individuals in healthcare facilities and providers, congregate care settings and health and rehabilitative day services.”

WHAT'S STAYING THE SAME:  Many of the safety and sanitization practices we have in place will stay.

Our work as good neighbors, maintaining distance from one another has helped us get back to where we are today.  
  • We recommend that members and participants maintain 6 feet of distancing, for now.
  • Equipment will remain spread out as you have become accustomed to.
  • You’ll see physical barriers still up and maybe even some more added.
  • For now, we will continue contact tracing practices.
  • We will adhere to facility capacity guidelines.

CLEANING & SANITIZATION:  A clean Y is a happy Y.

Thank you for continuing to do your part in helping keep the equipment and YMCA facilities clean. We will continue our stringent cleaning practices and facility sanitization plans, including:
  • Investments in air quality and movement through hospital-grade systems.
  • Widely available cleaning wipes and hand sanitizing stations.
  • Frequent cleaning and sanitizing by our staff teams

MEMBER BENEFITS RETURNING:  We can’t wait to see you being active at our Ys!

Along with all of the benefits you’ve been enjoying at our Ys, like complimentary parent child programs, weekends at the Y, virtual fitness and a wide range of group fitness classes, here are some additional benefits that are back!
  • Members may bring guests with them to the Y (one visit per guest per year).
  • Open Gymnastics, Open Gym and Family Open Swim are now reservation free.
  • Aqua exercise classes are back to full capacity AND NO RESERVATION REQUIRED.
  • Our Ys are working on a plan to expand Kid’s Club Babysitting hours and services, stay tuned for more details!

Need to reactivate your membership or make a change to your account? Submit a request here.

Facility Tours - Safety & Sanitation Tours

Coming back to the Y is a personal health decision! We know some members won’t feel comfortable under these current guidelines, and that’s okay. Come see all our safety and sanitation procedures firsthand! We look forward to answering any questions you might have as you consider whether or not you're ready to join or reactivate your membership. Visit or Schedules Page and click "Facility Tours" to sign up for a tour!

Virtual & In-Person Workout Options

Virtual Y Wellness 24/7 Platorm, Powered by BURNALONG - Join your favorite YMCA instructors for online health, wellness and fitness classes to help you stay motivated anywhere! Plus, access hundreds of additional workouts from instructors from around the world to provide you with different options and workouts every day! Click here to learn more!